I'm planning to install a 100 amp sub panel in a new detached workshop in my backyard. I will run power from my home main 200 amp service panel which I have a dedicated 120/240v double pole 100 amp breaker already set up. Consumers in my workshop will be 

- 6X linear fluorescent T5 light fixtures 11 amps
- 2x exterior wall pack lights 10 amps
- Garage door opener 15 amps
- AC/DC stick welding 50 amps
- Air comp. 20 amps
- Table saw 15 amps
- Shop fan 15 amps
- Bench grinder 15 amps
- misc small AC power tools. 

I anticipate approx 55-65 amps will be the most continuous current at any given time. The cable run distance from the 200 amp main service panel to the sub panel is 185ft. 110ft will be under ground and 75ft will be run inside my home through the attic. I would like to make this pull all in one with no splices.

My questions are 

1. What type and size wire is suitable and meets Electric Metro code to run inside my home and also bury 24" in conduit? 

2. What size and type conduit (PVC or galvanize) should I used for under ground and what is the NEC code for conduit above and below ground.