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Remove ceiling fan/light combination replacing with a light and remove 1 of 2 switches that controlled the ceiling fan

I am replacing a ceiling fan/light kit combination with a light fixture. The ceiling fan is controlled by 2 switches; one for light on/off and one for the fan on/off + 3 speed control. My desired end result is 1 switch to control a new light (replacing that switch with a dimmer switch).

At the switch box:

  • Switch on the left (light control) has red/black/ground
  • Switch on the right (fan control) has 2 black wires; one was wired to the black lead on the switch (marked with blue tape in the picture) and the other to the white lead. enter image description here

At the ceiling fan:

The wires are connected as what appears to be normal (no image attached):

  • Red to fan blue
  • White to fan white
  • Black to fan black
  • Ground to fan ground

Yes; both switches function as expected controlling the light on/off and fan on/off/speed.


  1. What switch should be used for the new light? The previous fan light control or the previous fan speed control? Doesn't matter to me which one to remove; I plan to use a blank for that.
  2. Based upon the response to question 1, what wires to use for connecting the new light (red to lights' black, white to lights' white OR black to lights' black, white to lights' white OR something else)?
  3. Knowing that I want to remove the extra switch, do I just cap those unused wires off or do they need to be otherwise connected?

Thank you for helping me out!