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Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices and networking used for home automation.

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Blower fan has to toggled on/off in order to shut off

Pardon my lack of terminology or specifics. I have a heat pump HVAC system for my house. A few years ago I installed a Z-wave GoControl smart thermostat. The thermostat is powered by batteries and not ...
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Replace light switch with z wave smart switch

I'm trying to replace a light switch with a new z wave smart switch. Specifically, the old light switch has 2 black wires and a ground wire attached to it and it is the only switch that controls 1 LED ...
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How to mount ZWave switch on stone wall - either retrofit in metal box or better?

I have a light switch in a surface mounted 4" metal box in the basement. I replaced the switch with a Decora-style Zwave one in the single-device metal cover. I thought it was worth attempting ...
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Wiring Z-wave Dimmer switch into 2-gang switch setup

Novice here... My 2 gang junction box had 2 switches, controlling a fan and its light. I got this fan from HD (Fan) which needed only one hot and a neutral to operate. The remote controls the fan's ...
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Are these four add-on wiring techniques all up to code?

I'm fixing some wiring mistakes in my house and installing some GE Z-Wave Plus switches at the same time. Where there were 3- and 4-way switches I'm using the GE Add-On switch to add additional ...
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