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How to build terrace security gate in a way that wind won't lift the metal roof

Please find my terrace shed in the below image. It has two openings. I think I can brick one side and keep a ventilator and on the other side I can simply keep a grill gate and keep Polycarbonate ...
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How to seal an interior house door without taking it down?

My bedroom has 2 entry way: one single door towards a hallway and a double doors into the living room. I would like to seal off the double door and only use the single door, any suggestions on how to ...
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How much force can a concrete block fence and wood stud hold when installing a large shade sail?

I have a standard concrete block fence. I want to install a large 20 x 26 foot shade sail, or two 20 x 13 shade sails by screwing hooks into the wall, and the other end into my house via the studs. ...
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Prevent artificial turf from getting lifted up by wind

My apartment has a balcony on the 4th floor of a building, which I covered with artificial turf to make it look nicer. The problem is that the wind lifts up and folds the artificial turf all the time ...
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