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Is tapping into my 40A breaker circuit for my 130A partial duty welder doable and safe?

I have good access to Aluminum B type SE wire connected to a 40 amp breaker. It is a dedicated circuit. There are only two capped wires and a thin app 2 mm silver color (aluminum?) wire that is ...
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Do I need to ground a new metal 240V outlet box?

I’m installing a 240v 50amp outlet directly off my service panel. I used a metal box, with 3/4” PVC conduit, and 6ga THHN wire. Do I need to ground the box in any way, and if I do, can I just run a ...
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Is this Nema 6-50 to 6-20 adapter up to code?

My shop is wired with a whole bunch of 6-50r plugs around the walls running 220v AC. I just picked up a dust collector with a 6-20p plug on the end. I believe it is rated to pull 13 amps at 220v ...
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Old range wiring for a new NEMA-6-50 receptacle with 50AMP breaker [duplicate]

I have an old range in my garage that I want to use for powder coating.I currently have a NEMA 6-50 receptacle with a 50 AMP breaker-installed 2 years ago for my ARC welder. I have a 6 gauge 3 wire ...
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What is this outlet in my garage and can I charge an EV from it?

The previous owner had a workshop in the garage supplied with lots of electrical outlets, including this one. Can I use it to charge an electric car? I believe this is the circuit breaker for it.
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