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Questions tagged [weeping-tile]

Weeping tile (in older houses, literally a tile) are part of the drainage system around basement walls. Use with the [drainage] tag and [plumbing] if you are trying to pipe the water somewhere.

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Pea stone or not, around shower drain at dry pack on top of PVC pan liner

I'm building a traditional shower pan. Poured concrete pre slope, next will be the PVC sheet pan liner. I'm planning on using a dry pack bed for under the tile. Should I use pea stone around the drain ...
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Should I connect my foundation's weeping tile to neighborhood storm water drains?

My house sits at the bottom of a hill, and the water table gets high when snow melts and during heavy rains. We have 2 sump pits that fill quickly during these times, and the sump pumps are on and off ...
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Seasonally High Water Table

We have a small farm, luckily adjacent to an Agricultural Drainage Ditch. Unfortunately the field between our 170 year old farm house, and said ditch either has no tile field, or the tile field has ...
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Proper Height of Basement Weep Holes

I recently got my drain tile replaced by professionals. They poured new concrete over the new drain tile. The thing that struck me as odd was that the weep holes are partially to fully above the level ...
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Clearing out blocked weeping tile

My basement floods when it rains, because the weeping tile can't drain. I'm trying to figure out how to fix it without tearing up my finished basement. The 1968 home has recently installed (2000?) ...
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