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For questions about the small openings in (brick) walls for draining water known as 'weep holes'.

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Should i remove wainscoting to allow flooded walls to dry out?

We have a bay window with a French Drain just outside. We used to have gutters and a large downspout that drained into the French Drain, but during roof replace in 2002 the workers damaged the gutters ...
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Should I reopen or create new weep holes in a brick veneer wall?

Some portions of my house have a brick veneer wall (that is, a brick wall that is not structural; cement blocks on the other side support the structure - please correct me if I am calling it the wrong ...
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Should new UPVC windows let water into the lower frame from just heavy rain

(click to enlarge) We just got new UPVC windows and found water in the frame after heavy rain the three back windows you can open up. So this is the norm and it should drain away or dry out. If I push ...
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Options to repair/replace? Brick veneer siding has no ventilation, no flashing, and no house wrap behind

I bought a house in Longmont, CO, USA, about a month ago. It was built in 1998 and mostly has vinyl siding, with exception of some brick veneer. One of the previous owners had sealed two bad things to ...
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Shower still leaking with epoxy grout

I redid my shower with Starlike EVO grout. It's a corner stall shower with tile on two walls, a shower enclosure on the other two, and a fiberglass pan with two weep holes. The shower is leaking on ...
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How is water getting onto the garage foundation sill in area near electrical penetration and weep hole?

There is a small amount of water that seeps in and shows up on top of the foundation sill on the inside of my garage in this area. It only happens during a hard wind driven rain. Do you think it is ...
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