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PVC in wrong location need to transition from there to around the corner to subpanel [closed]

There was a 1" and 2 3/4 PVC ran to the wrong location they brought them up on the front corner of the house about a foot away from the edge . The subpanel is located a foot and a half from the ...
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Did my contractor waterproof my windows properly?

I have a contractor enclosing a screened in patio with windows, OSB, house wrap, rigid foam insulation, rain screen, and hardie plank siding. That said, my observation with his work is: Window Sill ...
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Prevent a Crawl Space Door from Warping

I moved into a renovated house 2 years ago. The crawl space door looked custom. A frame of boards and a "face" of parallel boards. Unfortunately the door has warped and let critters in! The ...
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Replacing the Door? [closed]

I'm looking to replace a door with unconventional dimensions, approximately 45 x 80 in rough opening, leading to a covered and screened patio. The primary issue prompting the replacement is ...
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How to effectively waterproof an exterior vent cap?

This is a follow-up to my other question. My house has a wood frame and vinyl siding. Installer came out to do a range hood install and for the outdoor vent cap he just sealed it with silicone to the ...
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Should I do something to prevent mold before covering outdoor exposed floor joists?

I bought an old house last Summer. There is a 8'x12' addition that bumps out from the kitchen, overhanging the back yard. The floor joists are exposed and there is some old insulation stuffed up there....
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Should a canted bay window roof have soffit?

We have a two story house are repairing some leaks above the canted bay window in our living room on the first floor. We got the leak stopped, pulled out the ceiling and affected insulation. After ...
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Will concrete overhang interfere with replacing my door?

I'm going to be replacing my front door in a few days, along with adding a sill pan as one isn’t present. My concrete porch butts up to the threshold of the door and extends about 2 inches. So it ...
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How to weatherproof and paint beadboard?

I have an old house where the side of the porch is covered with beadboard - which is rotting. We like the look, but from what I can find there is no exterior grade beadboard. So my understanding is ...
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How can I open these "holes" on the bottom/side of an outdoor GFCI enclosure?

I would like to plug in my outside nest camera to the outside GFCI circuit. It is a weatherproof outlet but I can't get the flaps/holes on the bottom or side to open. How to do that? Here is a picture:...
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How to prepare holes in painted cement wall before attaching hose reel

I have drilled a few holes in the side of my painted cement wall and am about ready to attach a hose reel to the side (with provided cement anchors), however I would like to know if there are any ...
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What is the best way to reseal a balcony flooring that has started to peel?

I have a balcony over living space on the 2nd floor of my home. Although the balcony is covered, the area near the opening is exposed to rain resulting in some peeling away of the coating and the ...
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