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Use A/C drain for reverse osmosis system

Can I use the A/C condensate drain as the drain for a reverse osmosis system? Would I need a one-way valve on the reverse osmosis line? Someone mentioned an "air gap". What is this.
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Suggest a suitable water treatment plant for Hard water [closed]

Last year, we dug a 450-feet deep borewell at home. However, the water from the borewell turned out to be hard and caused various issues such as turbidity and the formation of white scales on kitchen ...
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Is there any easy and cost effective way to build inhouse water treatment facility

My apartment produces approx 1800 litre of grey water per day. So I'm thinking may be I could build my own ( DIY ) water treatment facility which will remove the dirt and remove the smell so that I ...
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Why does sulphur smell linger so long after treating it?

My chlorine injector stopped working a couple weeks ago and I had it fixed. After three days of normal use by a family of 5, I tested the water coming out of the 120Gal treatment tank and it smelled ...
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iron stains in toilets but iron filter seems to be working well

New construction house, 3y old. Southwestern Ontario, in Canada. We are on a private well with fairly high iron (3mg/L) and hardness (612mg CaCO3 /L). We knew this when we built the house and ...
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Treating old cedar?

I just moved into a home with an interesting master bath. The back shower wall and the vanity are made entirely from rough red cedar. It looks good and has minimal wear so far. Some soap scum and It ...
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Storing water in 55-gallon container [closed]

I have a 55-gallon plastic container that I'll be filling with water. What's the best way to preserve this water? We won't be consuming the water stored in this container. Thanks.
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What kind of chlorine solution do I use in water treatment system?

We recently bought a house in which the previous owner had installed a Culligan softener system with not only brine and resin tanks but also a chlorine tank with a pump. There isn't a Culligan ...
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Should I place my RO filter on straight city water or post-softener water?

It's my basic understanding that a water softener removes dissolved calcium and magnesium and replaces it with sodium. It's not clear to me, however, which is worse for the reverse osmosis filter, ...
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Could treated water backflow into my RO system?

This may be a bit of an odd question, but where I live, the well water is extremely bad. The amount of sulfer in the water makes it unusable for anything other than washing dishes and laundry. I had ...
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