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Temporarily discolored water after pressure tank off for awhile

If I let my pressure tank stay empty for while (usually the result of flushing the toilet a couple times during a power outage), when the power comes back on the water is discolored for a while (30 ...
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Anticipated water pressure drop in the water softener circuit, please advise

My existing water softener system consists of the following: Pressure tank -> Culligan Whole house filter (R50) -> Iron Filter -> Softener -> main line to the house There is an RO after ...
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Best way to flush water supply lines

I live in a community with an unfiltered surface water source for my municipal water supply. While the community is trying to bring online a brand new water treatment plant, it’s not operational yet. ...
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Floating tiny droplets in the water

Lately there seem to be floating tiny droplets (oil?) on the surface of tap water. This is limited to hot water, and does not affect other tenants in the building. The water heater has just been ...
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Well cloudy after heavy use?

This may be a stupid question, but we recently installed a 17k gallon pool and used our well to fill it. Our water from the well to the house is now cloudy. It doesn't taste bad, just cloudy. I am ...
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Storing water in 55-gallon container [closed]

I have a 55-gallon plastic container that I'll be filling with water. What's the best way to preserve this water? We won't be consuming the water stored in this container. Thanks.
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What would cause a brand new water softener to not soften water?

About 15mo ago, I bought a house with a non-functional water softener. The old unit was installed in 1993 so i figured it was simply at the end of its life and time to be replaced. I finally got ...
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How does decalcifying work, and is it something I need?

We recently had to replace our water heater because of lack of hot water, age (12 years to the day almost) and sediment build up (it was higher than the lower element; we purchased the home 7 months ...
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Why would my water taste like plastic fumes?

My father and I finally installed my wall mount bathroom sink and re-attached the existing faucet using the existing hardware. Now the water tastes horrible. It smells noticeably fume-y, and tastes ...
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Why does the water out of every faucet in my house feel soapy?

The water on new place looks very clean, but has a 'soapy' feel. If I wet my left hand and hold a soap bar for a while, and my right hand I just wet, the sensation if I rub my fingers on each hand ...
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How does a two-piece water softener work and what maintenance does it require?

I've read that there are single units and conditioners with reservoirs. I've gathered that they both need to be replenished with conditioning salt. I have a two piece (below) unit and am wondering how ...
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Where can we recycle washing machine and kitchen sink drain water?

I would like to know the best place or method to recycle drain water from the kitchen and washing machine. Can we use it for gardening (as it contains soap and oil)? Or it can be added to a Biogas ...
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