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A central heating system that transfers heat from a boiler to each room through a fluid filled plumbing system.

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How to get heating system working again?

We have an oil-fired boiler that does both the hot water and the forced hot water baseboard heating system. It was unusually cold and windy last night here in north-central Massachusetts. I turned ...
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Why does a single radiator need regular bleeding?

Almost all of the radiators (forced water) in my house heat up fine. However, a single radiator needs regular bleeding (~1/day) in order to heat. Note, this radiator is not at the highest point in the ...
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How do I bleed baseboard radiators without a bleeder valve?

I recently bought a newly remodeled 1950's era house about two months ago. It has a Weil Mclain fuel oil boiler that provides heat to four different zones (loops) in the house. Each zone has a couple ...
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What does C, W, Y and S Plans mean when talking about central heating controller?

I have seen control systems sold as C, W, Y, or S plan, what the difference? Are there any other common setups (These are water based CH systems, so are unlikely to be used in the USA)
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Baseboard water heat not heating one room; Rest of zone/house is good

I have a baseboard water heating system set up in three zones. One zone consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom at one end of my house. The thermostat for that zone is in the hallway connecting the ...
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