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No house wrap on 2007 built southern Oregon house, insurance claim or something that should be warrantied?

I am installing a second story deck. I cut into the T1-11 to get at the rim joist. There is no house wrap under the T1-11, but there is 1/2 inch osb sheathing. I also cut through the sheathing, and ...
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Scuffs on Newly Installed Roof

I just had my roof replaced. The roofer installed Owens Corning TruDefinition DURATION COOL PLUS asphalt shingles. When I was inspecting the roof I noticed some scuffs and chips. Asked the roofer ...
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Is Delta Faucets' Warranty Really Lifetime? [closed]

I was informed by an agent at Delta Faucets Canada (Masco Canada) recently that their lifetime warranty only lasts ten years for normal wear and tear.
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Can an HVAC warranty be voided if another company works on the system?

After moving into a new home, I had a licensed HVAC company install a whole house humidifier. A few days later, a guy from the builder's HVAC contractor came out to address an airflow issue. When he ...
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How can I identify the manufacturer of these windows? NAMI-30414

Literally all I know about these windows is the following sticker, apparently designed to peel off before the warranty expires: How can I identify the maker for warranty purposes? I know that NAMI is ...
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