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Built-in Wardrobe Using Silicone / Sealant to attach to Wall [closed]

I've just removed an in-built wardrobe in our new-build apartment and have realised that they only used sealant to secure it to the walls and ceiling. This was an L-shaped wardrobe in an L-shaped nook....
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Building cupboard around corner-flush consumer unit

I have a consumer unit that is right in the corner next to my front door and I'm wanting to make the space a bit more useable for storage etc. The consumer unit is in its own metal enclosure so is ...
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Align plumb wardrobe and non-plumb window frame

I'm installing a wardrobe at the edge of a window in my 1930s apartment. The sides of the wardrobe are plumb, but the window frame is not, as you can see in the photo -- about 5/8" over roughly ...
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Prevent MDF sliding door from bending when hanged

I'm retrofitting sliding doors on a wardrobe. I decided to use the fixtures from Ikea Hasvik and custom made MDF doors. The issue: the doors are bending towards the inside of the closet. They are not ...
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How do I remove this round metal insert in an old wardrobe?

It's some kind of screw/insert of an old wardrobe/closet.
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Adjust wardrobe sliding glass door

I've just moved into a new house and there is a large sliding wardrobe where the doors are not straight. Having done some research it looks like there is some tweaking at the wheels that can be done ...
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Wardrobe leaning backward, how to pad out space and level out?

I've just built a tall Ikea PAX wardrobe and it appears to be leaning backward somewhat (see photo). I'm wondering how I should go about correcting this? Initial idea: There are brackets on the top ...
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Can I use 18mm melamine/chipboard to construct a wardrobe plinth?

I am building a plinth for a wardrobe that I will place on carpet. Can somebody please sanity check my initial thought of using a relatively 'thin' sheet material such as 18mm ply/melamine/chipboard ...
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