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Do I need to remove these border stones if I want to regrade the soil next to my house?

Here is my dilemma: to remove the stones or not (line of stone at top left in the lawn). My plan would be to regrade the soil next to my wall and to add concrete slabs on top of the grade soil. I also ...
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Can I use bluestone as a paver base

I am looking to build a paver walkway along the side of my house. I would like to build it with an open graded base as that seems to be the preferred approach nowadays. With that said, I have been to ...
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Looking for walkway advice

I am seeking suggestions for walkway repair. I have a walkway (as seen in the photo) with 2x4s that are rotting in the exposed area and need to be replaced. The dimensions of this area are exactly 75&...
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How much gravel do I need for a paver stone path?

I want to build a simple path from my driveway to my back yard using individual 24" x 24" pavers. They weigh close to 100lbs each. There is a slight slope, just under 1 inch for each paver....
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