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How do I fix unsightly sides of wooden stairs?

I just bought a house and I’m trying to understand what options I have for fixing the sides of these wooden stairs because the caulking is cracked where the stairs abut the wood paneling. These stairs ...
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Should Wainscoting have a panel behind the trim or can you add the trim right to the wall

I'm looking at adding Wainscoting to a hallway in my home and I'm watching a lot of Youtube videos on how to construct it. One problematic different I'm seeing is some people believe you should have ...
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How do we install galvanized metal roofing in bathroom as 4 ft wainscoting and prevent condensation on back side of it? [duplicate]

We are running the galvanized metal roofing horizontally as 4ft high wainscoting in main bathroom. There is a shower in this bathroom and we have no windows but will install a vent fan. We will use ...
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2 answers

Wainscoting and Wallpaper: which to do first? [closed]

I’m looking to put wainscoting on the bottom 1/3 of a wall and wallpaper the top 2/3. Is there a recommended order in which to do this? My thinking was that if I put down wallpaper first, leaving ...
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Finding studs behind 1" wood paneling?

I'm trying to mount a TV in our Edwardian (1906) building. The living room walls are (starting from the floor) 8" of solid wood molding, 7' of board-and-batten, 1' of plaster-and-lathe, and a box ...
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1 answer

What box extender to use for dryer outlet?

I am planning on putting beadboard wainscoting on a laundry room wall. I will need to add an extender to the dryer's 240v outlet to keep it to electrical code and have the outlet sit flush up against ...
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2 answers

Removed wainscoting - Will I need to sand the entire wall?

First time DIY'er here and I decided it was time to update my office by removing the wainscoting and giving it a fresh coat of paint. However, before I get there, I was hoping for a little feedback......
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How to attach beadboard to plaster walls without blowing out nails?

I am replacing old beadboard on our plaster walls. Around the windows there seems to be cement under the plaster. No matter if I use a nail gun, panel screws, nothing will penetrate the cement. The ...
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Sanding between boards for smooth finish

I was following the guide at Basically, my issue is that the vertical stiles don't match up exactly with the horizontal ...
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How should I demolish the brick wainscoting on my house's exterior wall?

The front of my house has brick veneer wainscoting on the bottom 1/3 of it. It's ugly brick, and it's in the way of my continuous insulation retrofit project due to how it projects 4" beyond the ...
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