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1 answer

Push-in splice - What is this model?

This model was likely common 25 years ago, in Europe (France). I don't know the brand and cannot find any reference based on pictures. The plastic case is fully transparent, no levers, only a slat. ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Working out maximum current on connectors

If a Wago 221 is rated at 600 V, 20 A, then if you put it into a 240 V system, what does the maximum current become? I thought it dropped to 8 A, but trying to remember which way this goes always ...
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Wago (221 or 222) vs Lever Nuts (generic/various Chinese brands)

I have used Wago splice connectors especially 3 and 5 wire 221’s for lighting, like converting fixtures from fluorescent to LED. They are much quicker and easier than screw-on wirenuts, and seem to ...
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