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4 answers

How do I clean vinyl siding without a pressure washer?

My vinyl siding is turning green from mildew and I have to clean it up this weekend. I let a friend borrow my pressure washer at the beginning of the summer, and he's out of the country for awhile. ...
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15 votes
4 answers

How do I install an outdoor receptacle box on vinyl siding?

Any tips for adding an outdoor receptacle box onto a house with vinyl siding? Shouldn't the box be attached to a stud? How do I seal around it? J Channel? How can I accomplish this without tearing off ...
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Can vinyl siding be painted or stained?

Can vinyl siding be painted or stained, and more importantly, does it last or will I be repainting every year like a wood sided house?
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Is there code that states there must be a sheet of plastic between vinyl siding and the house sheathing?

I'm the president of a 20-condo association and several residents have been complaining of water coming in and destroying their drywall. The water is coming in at the exact same place in all units ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Will this moisture problem persist after drywall is installed?

we remodeled a trailer home recently, removed the aluminum siding, put up osb in place of the siding, then used the Lowes brand of house wrap. we installed new vinyl siding over that without using any ...
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Washing vinyl siding -- hard to reach high up places?

There's some spots on my vinyl siding that have gotten dirty. Unfortunately these spots are pretty high up-- about 15-20ft up. What are the best way to clean these spots? Would a power washer aimed up ...
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Which electrical box to use for old-work outdoor light fixture and vinyl siding mounting block?

I have a garage which already has vinyl siding on it but the inside is unfinished and accessible. I would like to add an exterior wall lantern. The vinyl mounting block I purchased looks like this ...
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How to install a house number plaque on vinyl siding?

I need to install house numbers on my house. I have obtained an aluminium plaque with the numbers and I'm now wondering the best way to install it onto the house. The house has vinyl siding, and ...
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