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Pros and cons of installing UV sanitizer light in HVAC

I am looking to improve indoor air quality of a home. I have heard UV light can be use to sanitize against certain organisms. Does it "kill" mold and viruses floating in the circulating air?...
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XPS foam as a window frame

It's for a greenhouse. The frame is going to be metal, the transparent parts glass, but metal conducts heat too well and the L shape of the metal doesn't lend itself well to attaching to the glass, ...
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Fenomastic Mat on Jotashield Tex Ultra on powder-coated aluminium?

Context. Hot, humid, and sunny outdoor climate. Input. Large shiny powder-coated aluminium panels with some dents in them. This shiny finish makes the dents very visible. The dents are not removable ...
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What should I look for when buying a UV protection window film

I'm searching for a window film for UV protection but there's just so many choices online with large price variances. All films I had a look at claim to protect against 99% UV so I'm not really sure ...
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How can I store PVC pipe in the sun and prevent UV degradation? [closed]

I handle the PVC pipe storage system in the yard for my company. The yard is a totally open area and pipe is directly exposed to sun light. In the summer the sun is high and due to this lots of pipe ...
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PEX Outdoor UV Protection

PEX must be protected from UV A Florida bypass will require 20 feet of pipe be outdoors: it is in a rectangular tunnel, where it is mounted to concrete overhead, but sunlight illuminates the ...
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Is there some kind of product that will protect curtains from the effects of prolonged sunlight?

I've installed some un-backed curtains and have been told that after a few years they may start to disintegrate from being exposed to hundreds of hours of sunlight. Does anyone know of a product, ...
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Is there any way to reduce UV fading on a hardwood floor?

I've seen a lot of old hardwood floors where the owner moved a rug that had been there for years, and the wood under the rug was noticeably brighter, having been shielded from UV degradation. Is there ...
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