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Can I modify seat cushion foam (subtraction) myself? [closed]

After about two years of use, I'm convinced that on the current models of Herman Miller's Eames Lounge Chairs, the seat cushion is overstuffed to the extent that the ergonomics of the chair is ...
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Broke couch decor. How can I reattach the pieces?

I have a couch that has wooden decor pieces that are stapled/glued to the couch itself. My hip caught a piece of it as I walked by and split part of it in half. How can I reattach the piece and ...
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How to repair small tears in leather couch

I have a leather couch that is only 3+ years old and has now started to develop small tears around the seams in one of the cushions. Here is an image of the tears: I think it would be best to try and ...
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What upholstery materials could be reclaimed for insulation?

That couch my neighbor just threw out has lots of light, fluffy material that superficially seems similar to the light, fluffy stuff behind my drywall. Could it be used similarly? And what about the ...
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How can I remove smoke odor after a fire?

There was a bad fire (everyone got out of the building in time, thankfully. It could have been so much worse!) in the apartment upstairs from mine. We didn't get any fire damage but there was a lot of ...
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How to remove 3M Scotch Super 77 from finished hardwood surface

I decided to upholster my wooden dining chairs. These chairs were 100% hardwood and finished in glossy polyurethane (i.e. had no padding) I just finished working on one chair and realized that I had ...
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Padding on dining chairs uncomfortable (compressed)

We have some dining room chairs that are about 10 years old and the padding on the top has gotten quite uncomfortable. When we sit on them, the outer frame of the seat part of the chair presses ...
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Stapling hardboard

I'm reupholstering a dining chair that has a hardboard seat base. My manual upholstering stapler doesn't stand a chance against it. Most staples don't even penetrate the surface. I know I'm not ...
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Spring protruding from office chair?

I've had this chair for a few months and the other day I came around to get on the computer and noticed a decently sized lump in the chair. Upon sitting on the chair it feels springy on parts (which ...
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Attaching a fabric/ribbon border to a bamboo shade

I would like to attach a ribbon or fabric border to my bamboo shade at the bottom of the valence piece. Since the shade material isn’t fabric, I’m thinking the best method would be to use a hot glue ...
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How can I repair a tiny puncture in leather? [closed]

I rolled the back of my leather chair into the corner of a table and ended up with a tiny puncture maybe a millimetre or two across. Normally, damage like this wouldn't bother me but my chair is ...
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How can I repair a damaged seam on leather sofa

See the attached image below, any idea how I can repair this problem myself?
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Matt black vinyl fabric for upholstery, cleaning/sealing?

I have been doing some upholstery using a cloth-backed vinyl with a matt-black finish. It looks great... until the oils from your hands or hair touch it. Is there a way to clean this type of fabric ...
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Repair cracks in molded foam in sofa

The structure of my 1960s italian sofa has a medium density foam molded around it. (In the pictures, it's the orange stuff, it's called Bayfit foam). The foam has developed significant cracks (or ...
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Sofa Upholstery: What's the name of this back cushion technique and how is it done?

I'm re-upholstering my couch and trying to make synthetic-leather back cushions like this: I'm specifically referring to the horizontal line where the fabric turns-in on itself, creating some "...
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How can I make seamless upholstered chair pads?

I want to make a chair pad that is smooth wood on the bottom and seamless padded upholstery on top. How do I handle the cloth/wood interface? The simplest option is to wrap the cloth around the ...
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