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Question about refrigerator troubleshooting when it only cools to 50º

What would cause a refrigerator to cool to only 50°F? I have a 11 cubic foot Galanz refrigerator, model GLF11US2A16 which doesn't cool below 50°F. It has two different modes, refrigerator or freezer. ...
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What is this T-square looking tool

As the images show, I like using this nifty tool for those long pieces of wood. It came with no manual. I want to use it's other capabilities. A search for "t square bubble" and I found this....
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Am I using this respirator correctly?

Lately the tree pollen has been really thick in the air. There's a fine yellow powder on every surface. When I breathe it in, especially when mowing the lawn, I start coughing and my throat feels like ...
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