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Does cork flooring underlayment have to be glued down?

I'm finally getting around to installing an engineered floating floor in our living room. It's 1/2" thick. I am looking at using 1/4" cork underlayment underneath such as this from Home Depot. It ...
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What glue should I use for glue-down engineered flooring installation?

I bought a roll of FloorMuffler UltraSeal underlayment (essentially, sealed high-density foam) at Home Depot for this project. The instructions are very specific about which adhesive to use: "To be ...
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To lap or not to lap underlayment over concrete

I am installing engineered hardwood flooring over concrete slab below grade in the basement. The flooring installation instructions mention that if using 6-mil poly underlayment, it should be lapped ...
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Tile over 2x6x1.5 T&G subfloor, spanning 48" beams

Long time lurker, first time poster. I think I might have a solution to my problem but I'd like to get some peer review on it before I start work. I'm remodeling a master bath (50sf, 10x5) in a 1966 ...
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Glue underlayment to concrete: how long does it take to cure?

This question is related to another question I posted earlier. I glued FloorMuffler underlayment to concrete using Roberts Engineered Wood Flooring Adhesive. The instructions say "open time up to 20 ...
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can I install cement backer board over plank subfloor

I have old plank subfloor installed at a 45 degree angle to the floor joists. How should I install cbu(cement backer board) on top of this for a tile installation? The entire area is approximately ...
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Installing ceramic tile on top of wooden bathroom floor

In the middle of a bathroom re-model and at the point of replacing the floor. Removed the existing vinyl tile from the floor and a bit confused about what is underneath. Not sure what is needed for ...
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