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Is this calculation of the cost saving between certain u-values correct?

I'm trying to determine the heating cost savings between two different u-values. Does this look correct, it's a crude approximation based on a fixed temperature difference (the difference is higher ...
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Real world difference between a 0.18 W/m^2k U-value and 0.22 W/m^2k U-value

I'm currently choosing the thickness of the PIR insulation I will use for the ground floor (first floor US) in my house. It's a traditional (UK) suspended timber floor build with concrete foundations ...
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How to find a very low U-value replacement window for a bathroom?

I found 0.27 for a Pella 250 series at Lowe's. I would like to find a window with a lower U-value. How do I go about that?
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Where can I find the U-factor (U-value) for a Pella window?

I am trying to compare the Pella windows sold by the Pella sales person with the Pella windows sold at the big box stores (Lowe's, Home Depot). I have found a spec sheet with this information for ...
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