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If I put 1/2" skirt boards above stringers, will I still have enough room to support treads?

My GC's put in unfinished stairs during our renovations and now I need to finish them. They never asked if I wanted skirts (which I do) so the stringers are butted against the dry wall. I can remove ...
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Wood stain didn't take in some areas. Not sure how to proceed. What should I do next?

I tried staining the treads on some stairs we had installed. And, for the most part, it looks really good. But, the stain didn't seem to take in a couple areas. Here is an image showing one example ...
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Why are my new wooden treads narrower than the original carpeted treads? [closed]

We just had carpeting removed from our basement stairs and oak treads put in. The length of the oak treads put in is now shorter, and only measuring at 9.5" on the treads. Our contractor is ...
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How can I fasten wooden stair treads to porcelain tile on concrete?

I want to install wood stair treads over a concrete and tile flight of stairs. The tile is porcelain tile. I couldn't find any tutorial that addresses this specific scenario. Do I have to remove the ...
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Stair edge bumper with residential aesthetic [closed]

The stairs in my house have sharp, painful edges. I’ve been looking for something to add a rounded and/or padded edge. I need it to be a) grippy (or at least not slick), b) durable, and c) substantial ...
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Stair case remodel staining inconsistent color

I decided to remove the carpet on staircase sanded all the old finished one down completely. Finally got to staining the stair treads. First time doing this big of a project. Used miniwax water based ...
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What there standard sizes for stair steps/treads?

I am asking because the treads I am replacing are 44" long (three of them) and the longest I have seen is 43". I think this type is called open at one end.
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Fill gap between stair tread and retread?

I'm using Stairtek retreads to resurface previously carpeted stairs. Some current treads have some sag in the middle, with the worst of which being 3/16". Is there a viable way to level that so ...
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Using angle steel as stair tread cleats

My walkout basement concrete pit was poured with a 36" wide area for the steps you can walk up to get to grade (sorry for the crude ASCII art): w +---+ | | | +--------+ | | +-----...
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What are my options for rugged stair coverings?

I removed carpeting from a set of stairs going down to a basement. The structure of the stairs is just plywood on stringers, but is fully boxed in, meaning it is built out with both risers and treads. ...
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How do I remove the stair treads from under the stair skirt in order to replace just the tread?

I am having our oak stairs refinishedby professionals. Before that happens, I am replacing the entire banister and balustrades. The bottom 2 stair treads need to be replaced because the banister was ...
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SPF core stair treads

Is it durable/applicable if I make a 3" tick stair treads out of dry construction 2x12 lumber as 1½" core glued to ¾" hardwood (red oak or finer spicy) all way around? What will be the ...
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Identifying wood type of broken stair treads and installing new risers

We have wooden basement stairs that are probably 20+ years old and several of the treads are starting to split down the middle (underneath) lengthwise. I'm debating replacing the cracked ones or just ...
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Exterior coating for concrete treads [closed]

I have some exterior concrete stairs that were finished poorly. The treads are back-sloped and pools sit consistently on the treads in the fall/winter. I am having the tread surfaces ground down so ...
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