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Why does the RTA Base Cabinet with Trash Can Pullout cost $669, while the identical Base Cabinet is priced at $261? [closed]

Brilliant White Shaker 15" Base Cabinet with Single Trashcan Pullout -- $669 Brilliant ...
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How do I stop my Sensor Bin closing as soon as it opens?

I have a 1Home Sensor Bin. As soon as the automated lid opens, it immediately closes again rather than allowing a delay to put refuse in. How can I fix this?
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Which white wire is + and - on this automatic trash can?

I am trying to change this automatic trash can from running on battery to wired. Someone successfully does it in this video with the same exact trash can I have. One of ...
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Inground trashcan hinge

I am trying to search for the in ground trashcan hinge. I've tried searching online for the part but don't know the correct name of it. Very hard to come by locally. The lid where it attached is about ...
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Inground trashcan missing neck

I have two in ground trash cans that are missing the neck where the hinge attaches to the lid. When it rains, water gets in and fills the hole. I have a 32 gallon plastic trash can that I put in and ...
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How do I keep a clean recycle bin for organic material?

Location is New Zealand, Christchurch, we have a green rubbish bin per household that takes organic rubbish, which is collected weekly. In summer, flies always manage to get in and soon after maggots ...
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Trash can 'repositories' in Luxembourg/Central Europe

We have a question on your collateral cousin's site: Travel. It was voted off-topic but still has interest. Perhaps you can entertain it here? A traveller was on walk-about in Luxembourg and observed ...
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Simple rail & hooks solution to attach a bin to the inside of a cupboard

I want to attach our bin (trash can, for the US readers), which is basically a plastic rectangle, to the inside of the door of one of the cupboards in our kitchen. The bin will need to be removed for ...
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How to prevent trash bins from falling by placing apart or side-by-side, on a windy day? [closed]

How can you secure trash-bins at the end of a sloped driveway, on a windy day? Is side-by-side placement recommended to stabilize bins or should they remain apart as generally advised by sanitation ...
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How to trash the trash can?

I never expected to ask my first question about trashing something, but after 4 failed attempts to trash the trash can, I have no choice but ask you. Here is the problem: I have a trash can, which ...
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SimpleHuman plastic slim trashcan cover won't stay on

I've got a SimpleHuman 40 liter plastic slim step can ( and the lid will not stay on. When I press the foot pedal the cover pops off. ...
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Stopping wheelie bins blowing over in the wind [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I keep my outdoor trash cans from blowing away in the wind? I am looking for a simple and cheap way to stop our wheelie bins blowing over, we keep then next to a wall, ...
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Can I build a garbage chute that connects the garage for residential use?

My current home has the kitchen adjoining to the garage. Most of the really smelly garbage is generated in the kitchen. The big garbage can and recycling bins live in the garage. Is there an ...
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How do I clean a 96-gallon automated trash can?

The town provides us one of those automated trash collection 96-gallon trash cans. Ours really stinks... you do not want to be down wind from it in the summer. I have been avoiding cleaning it for ...
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How do I keep my outdoor trash cans from blowing away in the wind?

I have two trash cans that sit on the side of my house. What can I do to keep them from blowing away due to the wind, when they are empty? I've tried bungee cording them together but they then just ...
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