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Proper torque specs and cleaning busbar and lug connections

I have 4 stud M8 (5/16”) Bus bars which connects 4/0 and 3/0 copper lugs from the LiFePo4 batteries (2.5 kWh) and Inverters 2.6 kW split phase off-grid). I wanted to know what can I use to clean the ...
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What torque value for bolts that are holding a steel beam to reinforce a wood floor beam

Question up front: What torque do I use on these bolts? See Answers to Comments and new info below. Details: I’ve got a 100-year-old home that has a 6x6 wood beam running down the center of the main ...
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Does speed control in corded impact drills reduce not only speed but also torque?

I bought a cheap corded impact drill so that I can use it with a drill stand to drill holes at 90 degrees angle accurately, which I find very hard with a battery powered drill. My battery powered ...
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What is the maximum torque I can apply to a screw?

It happened recently that I broke the head off two screws, once by using an electric drill and once by tightening the screw by hand. For example, it can happen that the pilot hole in the wood is too ...
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Torque for receptacles and light switches

When connecting wires to the screw terminals on receptacles or light switches, what torque should they be tightened to if no torque is indicated either on the device itself or in its installation ...
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Torque delivered by a hand ratchet with 1/2" socket [closed]

How much (maximum) torque can a normal 150 lbs. man deliver manually with a hand-ratchet wrench (say 8" ratchet arm and a 1/2" socket) assuming no rust-resistance, direct/easy access etc?
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Verify existing torque on tightened bolt using a torque wrench

I have a couple of already counterclockwisely tightened bolts and would like to know how much they're torqued to in the first place. I know they're torque to at least 25Nm but how much more I don't ...
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Can "bending" screwdrivers really apply enough torque?

I was uncomfortably driving a screw to affix a ceiling lighting fixture - either with my knuckles grazing at the ceiling or angling the screwdriver and having it occasionally slip. So, somehow I got ...
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