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Is this post supporting my roof framing intended to be permanent?

I purchased a new build last year and recently got my warranty inspection done. Both the inspector I hired before closing and the inspector I hired to do warranty inspection (different inspectors) ...
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Can I anchor to the edges of sistered studs?

This seems like a very basic question but googling it just gives me articles on how to join two pieces of wood—I know how to do that. My question is, if I sister up a stud next to another one and ...
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Unsupported span of 4.3m as a mezzanine floor - what size timber and how to attach it to the walls at either side?

I'm building an internal mezzanine floor in a tall and wide room. The room is 4.3m wide and the mezzanine floor will cover half the room area - so there will be a beam that goes from one wall to the ...
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What purpose would a flashing between the studwork baseplate and a concrete slab serve?

I have seen and read online that the baseplate is usually fixed directly to the edge of the slab. However, I also saw a passive house video on YouTube where the builder placed a rubber gasket under ...
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Is this an appropriate roof setup

I am creating a standard A frame roof (4.5:12 or 5:12 pitch) for my shed using rafters and a ridge board. The ridge board is 2x8 and is spanning 14 feet for the length of the shed (12x14). I am using ...
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Breathable Membrane Tyvek

Log Cabin - Would i have moisture issues if i attach a breathable membrane to the outside studded wall leaving a 20mm gap for moisture then attach treated 44mm tongue and groove on the outside. I ...
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Can I install diagonal cross bracing with heavy tension ties on each end?

I have an existing utility building built with large (8x8) timbers. There is little, or no, shear strength in the wall diaphragms and it would be very hard to shear them with conventional plywood ...
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what type decay in the hard wood floor joist

Today I noticed a 10cm long softened line along the hard wood floor joist and used a scraper to clear it, and all powder came down leaving a 1cm deep strip. I further noticed a few other spots like ...
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Carpet under framing 2x4 exterior wall ,the carpet got wet and needs to be pulled out ,do I need to support each area under bottom plate stud

Framing of wall over carpet and pad ,carpet and pad got wet and cannot be dried properly so we need to remove the carpet and pad under the bottom plate studs,do I have to brace the bottom plate studs ...
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Joist Hanger selection for 6x2 timbers

I am building a garden office, and the base is 6x2s There seem to be a lot of options on which joist hangers to get. And quite huge price differences. Multi Truss joist hanger 47x97 (approx £170 ...
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Drilling into timber frame wall from loft

I live in a 2021 new build house in the UK. Detached, timber frame, stud walls. I have a sloping roof on two sides, on the other two sides they are just vertical walls (in the shape of a triangle at ...
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Is this old 2x4 infested with termites, or something else?

I have this old 2x4 that we removed from somewhere in the house and which has been sitting outside in a pile with other lumber for a while. I wanted to cut a small piece from it and noticed that one ...
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What is this plastic edging around my window called?

I have a timber frame house that has done a bit of settling and im fairly confident its now done after 3 years, so time to fix the various cracks. Around one of the windows there is this plastic ...
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What are some alternatives to making birdsmouth cuts in a rafter?

I'd like to avoid making a birdsmouth cut in my rafters since they are extending beyond the top plate in a cantilever, and I don't want to reduce the strength too much. I've seen that there is VPA (...
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non parallel walls

Well, I am building a freestanding studio in the backyard. In order to fit the space the measurements of the outer walls will be approx. 8' x 14' x 12' x 16'. Again approximate, and close enough for ...
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What purpose do the framing members in my garage attic serve?

Upon opening up the ceiling of the garage to install a fold-up attic ladder, I saw boards going from the gable beams to the attic floor beams. This is the first time I have seen this. The house was ...
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