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How can I prevent crumbs from coming off an interior plaster-like wall?

I recently moved into a house and I want to fix the interior walls. They are covered in a material that I never even saw before, so I would like to replace/cover with something, but I am confused over ...
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Seeking input on popcorn ceiling removal

Cross post from HomeImprovement subreddit: So... somebody decided we should undertake the task of ...
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Anyone know what this paper backing under this ceiling texture is?

I'm hoping someone knows what appears to be some kind of paper backing under ceiling texture is. Some areas are just peeling right off. Mainly around cracks. Other areas are very difficult and it ...
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What type of wall texture is this? How can I match it?

Looking for what type of wall texture this is, how is it applied (i.e. spray on)? Basement window flooded, I need to match the texturing around the rest of the room. It looks like a SantaFe ...
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slight texture on a flat ceiling

were redoing our ceilings to get the popcorn off. Wife wants to mud the ceilings but NOT to sand due to dust getting everywhere. Ive mudded as best as I can and its pretty flat using 12" blades. ...
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Making a mold to impart a surface texture to wet concrete

I want to simulate a rock-face effect (see photo) on the edge of a concrete slab that will be 12x48 inches and 2 inches thick. I have a stone stair tread with the desired edge surface texture to use ...
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How can my botched paintjob over orange peel be fixed?

I was repainting a small interior wall with an orange peel texture. I've repainted other walls without issue but on this cursed wall I screwed up in just about every way imaginable. Long story short, ...
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Can I use a primer on drywall before taping and texturing, and does it need to be oil based?

We are remodeling and have exposed original drywall that was paneled over. The drywall has not been taped or textured, but eventually will be during the remodel. I don't know if it's because it was ...
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What’s the best way to remove this drywall texture?

Just wondering what is the best method to remove the trowel pattern on my ceiling, want to take out the “pizza” pattern. Thank you.
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How to match this wall texture? Maybe it's orange oeel

How can I match the texture in the photo?
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Paint/plaster texture question

My walls and ceiling are skip trowl lath and plaster and (many layers) painted, I’m doing some cutting and patching and using DAP Patching Plaster. It goes on great but after I sand and paint it the ...
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How can you replicate Sand/Perlite?

Just finished patching two rather large but thin cracks that required taping and 8" on either side of joint compound/feathering. It looks rather smooth and would blend in nicely if it weren't for the ...
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