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What to do with extra wire when connecting Tesla charger

Using Teck90 cable to install Tesla charger. I only need the red, black, and blue wires. Should I just cut the bare copper short and leave it unconnected at both ends? I’m in British Columbia, ...
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EVSE terminal torque specs and associated wire size

For installation of a Tesla Gen 3 EVSE the manual requires the terminal screws be tightened to 50 torque and recommends wire from #12-#4 gauge with #6 gauge wire used for a maximum possible ...
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Is there a problem oversizing a circuit for a car charger?

I am wiring a Tesla wall connector with #6 gauge THHN in conduit and installing a 60 amp breaker to allow for a max 48 amp charge. If I only need a 48 amp charge every so often and choose to ...
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Installed Tesla gen 3 home charger with 60amp breaker and car pulling 48 amps. The conduit from charger to power panel is approx 4 ft

The conduit gets so hot you can't keep touching it. The certified electrician used #6 THHN. should #4 wire be used?
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GFCI breakers in a subpanel trip when a main panel circuit powering a Tesla wall charger is being used

Four years ago we installed a 50A 240V circuit to power a hot tub. There is a standard 50A breaker in the main service panel (a 1990's vintage 200A Murray panel), with 4 wires (L1, L2, neutral and ...
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240 V Car charging circuit

I have a 90 amp breaker outside my house, which then runs to my breaker box within my garage. My A/C and range are on separated external breakers. I want to install a 240 V charger for a Tesla within ...
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EV charger installation setup

I have purchased a new Tesla model Y and figuring out options to install a home charger in my garage. Issue: I live in MA and I do not have a basement or crawl space. My circuit panel is on the ground ...
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14-30 switchable splitter

I have single wall plug NEMA 14-30 which is currently sometimes (rarely) occupied by the drier. I want to add Tesla Mobile charger with 14-30 adapter (from Tesla) to the same outlet of course not at ...
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Leviton 14-50 Works, Bryant 14-50 Doesn't - Same Wiring

Question for you all. Kinda at my wits end with this one, it just doesn't make any sense to me. I have had the issue of my Tesla charger dropping down to 16 amps from 32 amps after 30 minutes due to ...
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Should I run conduit or Teck cable for car charging?

I am planning on getting an electric car in the near future - ordered delivery early next year. I park the car on the city street in front of my house. The city owns the piece of grass from the ...
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