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Grohe Veletto tap disassembly

Help opening a Grohe tap Hello, How do I open the nozzle end of this Grohe Veletto tap to clean it out? After six years, there’s some build-up, and I think it’s making the spray button stick such that ...
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What is the meaning of these progressive gas tap codes?

I need to replace a leaking progressive gas tap from a Cooktop. The manufacturer doesn't provide spare parts anymore. I found many alternative options. Some look exactly like the defective tap. But I'...
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Removing plastic aerator

I want to remove an old plastic aerator from my bathroom tap. I have tried with some universal aerator keys but my aerator doesn’t have any grooves to fit those keys. I’ve also tried to unscrew it (...
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How to get rid of noise in the water tap

When I turn my plumbing tap on , it gives some whistle sound and I always get the sound , every single time. Please find AV clip here. None of the water taps give this whistle sound , how can I get ...
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Noisy hot water tap after outage

We had a water main break over the weekend, so I wound up with a lot of air in my water lines. I've successfully vented most of that (I think), but there is one kitchen tap which now resonates (...
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How do I repair the finish on my bathroom faucet?

I was attempting to clean the hard water stains off the matte black tap in my tub with Bar Keeper’s Friend and ended up peeling off some of the surface (see orangey bits in photo). Lesson learned not ...
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I can't connect my washing machine properly. Please help

I got an old washing machine From my grandparents but I can't seem to fit the hose into the tap. There are in my opinion 2 problems, there are 2 male connections instead of a female and a male and I ...
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How can I remove a broken thread tap from a metal surface?

I have a broken tap that is very thin M3(3mm) stuck in the hole that was drilled and I was trying to thread. Is there any way to get it out? This is in a table saw miter bar (9.39mm or 0.37in) for ...
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