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When insulating foundation walls in a crawlspace with two layers of EPS foam board, is including air gaps a good idea?

I'm planning on insulating my currently uninsulated 6-inch concrete foundation wall. This is zone 5, so code says R-15 is required. I can achieve that with 2 layers of 2" EPS foam board (nominal ...
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Attaching trim to walls that are backed by foam

As a result of a deep-energy retrofit/remodel, my exterior walls are now 1/2" sheetrock backed by 2" of polyiso foam against the studs. We are now trying to install trim (casing, crown, and baseboard ...
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What are the Best Practices for insulation, vapour barriers et al on a vintage RV with a single sheet galvanized metal roof. From the inside

Likely due to bearing heavy snow loads ( previous owner(s) ) The single sheet galvanized roof developed a few dips where water collects. When the water is deep enough it infiltrates around the edges ...
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Question: Condensation - Insulation and a 130 year old double boarded house

I own a house that was built around 1890 to 1910 located in central Pennsylvania. It is a double boarded house meaning that it has no framing at all, it is a unique type of construction that was used ...
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Excessively hot window frames

I live in Arizona. The frames on the windows that face west get extremely hot inside the house. I have sun screens installed and the aluminum frame touches the exterior window frame thus ...
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