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8 votes
1 answer

Is my attic floor over my garage strong enough to use it for storage and maybe as a small work area?

I would like to use the attic space above my 2-car garage for storage of items around the house and garage, and if possible, utilize some of the space as a small work area. The previous owners left ...
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What are the proper materials and method to hang heavy-duty shelves in a garage for storage?

I am hoping this isn't too wide of a topic since garage storage can vary greatly from person to person depending on what's being stored. In my case, I will be storing power tools like my circular saw,...
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4 votes
1 answer

What are watertight storage solutions to protect objects from flood water?

Our home is prone to occasional flooding during the rainy season. There was only one time in 26 years where our home was devastated by the flood reaching up to half of the 2nd floor. This destroyed so ...
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10 votes
8 answers

What are the consequences of allowing paint to freeze?

Insulating and heating my garage sounds like a pain. What are the consequences of simply allowing water-based latex paint to freeze in the winter? Is it ruined forever or does it just need tons of ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to best support garage storage suspended from slanted ceiling?

Fairly new to handyman work here so I'd love to have some of your expert help! I've looked all around for ways to suspend garage storage from a ceiling but none of them are dealing with a slanted area ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can I add insulation to my attic and put down plywood so I can walk around more easily?

My house was built in 1992. There are currently faced batts of fiberglass and a few inches of white blown-in insulation that is both scattered in some areas (mostly over the master bedroom from ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Storing comsumable dry goods in your car in the summer? [closed]

I live in South Florida where the summer sun has no mercy. I drive a new van and I've taken steps to keep the inside cooler during the day. I live in the van for weeks at a time and need to store ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Why do unused Refrigerator Appliances Grow Mold, while unused Cabinets and electronics don't?

I have a refrigerator that I thoroughly cleaned out and washed with soap/baking soda, and let thoroughly dry. They always recommend to keep Doors Open for long term refrigerator storage. This prevents ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Add storage to hidden attic space above garage?

I recently discovered that I have an unfinished attic in a guest bedroom on the second floor of my house, above the garage. The overall area is behind the closet in the bedroom and is approximately ...
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Adding storage above garage ceiling

I'd like to add some storage space in the ceiling of the garage. It looks like someone got a start on it already. There looks like a 16 foot 2x4 nailed into the top of the wall on both sides with one ...
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4 answers

Store Refrigerator, Keeps Doors Open How Often

I plan to store refrigerator in my residence unplugged. I cleaned it well with all soap, 409 and disinfectant, and left doors open to dry out for few days. They recommend to keep Doors Open for long ...
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3 answers

How can I seal the lids on water collection barrels?

I'm working on a rainwater collection system. Due to space limitations, I have arranged the barrels in a 2x2 configuration (as in the picture) Problem with this configuration is that I can't get a ...
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