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Should I use steel or wood studs for basement exterior walls?

Related: When should you use metal studs? I'm planning on finishing my basement. (assuming all water issues are resolved) I'll be putting up a water barrier (tar paper) on all exterior walls, ...
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Attaching non-load bearing walls to steel I-beams

I'm preparing to remodel my basement. A steel I-beam runs the length the of the basement with vertical steel columns spaced periodically across the span. The beam is 5" wide and 8" tall. I'm ...
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How to drill holes in 3/8" thick steel plates?

I had to drill some 1/2" holes in 3/8" steel plates. In addition to taking something like 15 min per hole, a brand new drill bit lasts maybe two holes and it is trash. What is the best way to drill ...
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What is a good way to cleanly cut through steel?

What tools can I use to get a clean cut through thin steel? Specifically, I have several mini beer kegs I need to cut the bottoms out of. I don't mind it taking a while, but my cuts are jagged (easy ...
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Which cutting style aviation snips do I choose if I have to choose just one?

Aviation shears (aka compound-action snips or tin snips) come in three cutting styles - straight cutting, left cutting and right cutting. I plan to work with roofing corrugated steel and have no idea ...
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How can I attach a 1/8" strip of steel to MDF so that it stays secure forever for eternity?

I have attached two 3/4" panels of MDF together, so the end result is a 1 1/2"-thick panel. I need to reinforce it so that it does not bow, so I thought of attaching a 1/8"x1 1/2"x6' strip of steel ...
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Protecting 3/16" wire rope going through poles?

We have 3/16" wire rope (1/8" covered to 3/16") that will be going through several poles. Something like this: How can I protect the vinyl coating from being cut if/when it rubs against the hole edge?...
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Should this section of water line be replaced?

This is the water supply line coming into my basement. 4 feet below the ground (frost line). My house is from 1940 and I assume that everything in these pictures are original. I recently converted ...
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Install wire rope to several steel tubes?

We have 13 1.5" round steel tubes that go around a small area in our backyard Each tube has a small hole that crosses the tube. I'm including the basic design: I would like to use wire rope (or steel ...
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Cut 30” circle from 3/16” steel plate using portable bandsaw

I have a 31” x 31” x 3/16” mild steel plate. I want to cut a 30” circle from the the plate. Purpose: The plate/disc will be the base of a custom charcoal barbecue/raised fire pit. I’ve seen various ...
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galvanized or stainless turnbuckles for exterior wire rope fence?

I'm working on a wire rope fence that looks like this. The difference is that we live fairly close to the ocean, which means lots of salty air. I've bought 1/8" galvanized steel with plastic coating ...
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