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Questions tagged [sprinkler-system]

Automated grounds watering (irrigation) systems that use heads to spray water over an area -- these are usually used with grass lawns or other turfed areas.

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3 answers

How do I connect an air compressor to blow out my sprinkler lines?

I want to blow out my sprinkler lines before the freezing weather gets here (I am in NJ). I have an air compressor that I can borrow but how do I attach the air compressor line to the sprinkler ...
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Is it possible to stop weeping between threaded copper joint on sprinkler system?

We just redid our sprinkler system last year and I found some weeping here when turning on the sprinklers for the summer. Is it possible to stop without having to take everything apart? [
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4 votes
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What am I missing when blowing out water from my sprinkler system?

I am trying to blow out my sprinkler lines and I put together an adapter to connect the air compressor to the faucet pictured below. The air compressor was charged to 140PSI, and then I turned on a ...
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How does everyone set up sprinkler timer with residential outdoor faucets?

I am trying to set up a timed sprinkler system. Everything mechanically works out. However, I noticed cautions such as the following. If we cannot keep the outdoor faucets on, there seems to be not ...
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Need Sprinkler Cracked PVC Pipe Repair Suggestions

The issue is this sprinkler was placed in a very bad location. It's next to a large stone and 1 foot away from a 40 foot tall tree. Over the years, the tree grew on top of the sprinkler pipes. I had ...
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Is it normal for a 1" Lawn Sprinkler repair to leak only under pressure?

Using 4 steel radiator like bands, I replaced a section of underground lawn sprinkler black plastic pipe that runs over a septic drain field. Repair couplers do not leak until i press my foot down ...
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PVC Pipe for sprinkler system broken in multiple places

Roughly 2 years ago I posted this question: Need Sprinkler Cracked PVC Pipe Repair Suggestions There was a lot of good suggestions, but now the issue has gotten much worse. In the image below I'm ...
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Is it OK to use a hair dryer on underground lawn sprinkler pipe?

Repairing black sprinkler pipe when it is chilly outside, i have used a hair dryer to make the plastic pipe more supple. Makes it much easier to fit the pipe over the repair couplers. Does the heat ...
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dripping sound inside wall

I'll try to get everything in here, yet be concise. This is a 3-story building, plus basement/underground parking. I'm on the 2nd floor, studio. Same layout above and below. Exterior wall to ...
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Sprinkler valve not turning on by automatic timer

I just programmed my sprinkler settings for Spring. I have back and front zones. 1-5 in the back, 6-8 in the front. I noticed that station 6 is not turning on by the timer. It reads Err. Here's what I'...
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