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Where do i start when applying finish to a table? [closed]

So I'm spraying a bojo table with polyurethane. Sounds easy right!! Where should I start? Legs first so I don't have to lay the table on the topside if I where to do the top first? Does that make ...
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Time to get rid of Rust-Oleum Textured Stone spray paint finish on wood

About 30 years ago I used Rust-Oleum spray paint to put a textured fake stone finish on a wooden nightstand for my young son's room. (It worked with this decor, trust me.) Now I want to be able to ...
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Compressor for spray gun and pneumatics tools

I have a general question that I can't find answers to : can I use a commercial compressor that will provide pressure for all the tools that I have in my wearhouse and use the same compressor for my ...
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What is VMD spray paint A002L3

I bough this product which is a transparent varnish with gloss, with this code LUCIDO:- But when i open the can i found that it has this code A002L3, as follow:- so not sure why i got 2 codes? and ...
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How do I fix streaky Krylon High Heat paint on brass fireplace detail?

I attempted to paint my brass fireplace detail with Krylon High Heat paint. It’s 3 sided with doors that have a brass strip on the top and bottom. A couple sections ended up streaky. Can I sand it and ...
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Does CFM of a compressor increase if pressure is reduced?

In product description of the compressor, CFM is mentioned to be 185 Liters per Minute. And pressure is mentioned to be 115 PSI. Lets say, If I only need 30 PSI for my spray gun but CFM required by ...
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How can I increase the friction on the surface of PVC pipe?

So, I have sort of an odd question - I need a coating (or something) that will increase the friction on a CPVC pipe as much as possible. Specifically, I rigged some CPVC pipe to mount a light from my ...
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How to touch up surface painted with airless sprayer

I painted a steel door with an airless sprayer - the finish looked wonderful! Unfortunately I scratched the door while re-installing it on the hinges. Now the question is how to address the scratch. ...
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Is this half mask suitable for spray painting?

I've recently begun spray painting and realized that I should probably buy a gas mask to protect me from harmful solvents. I read as much as I could, but since it's not my area of expertise, I would ...
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Is a Rust-Oleum painted item safe for infants? [closed]

I’m considering purchasing a custom made item for an infant that’s been painted with Rust-Oleum. Considering children like to put things in their mouth, could this paint be hazardous? I’ve read about ...
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Do I need to paint my house siding under my deck

I have cedar siding on my Seattle home. I am repainting the house now and am wondering if I need to paint the siding that is below the deck level. My deck boards are pretty close together with about a ...
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Do epoxy paints need to cure after being heated in the oven?

I am doing a project with a rattle can but it's an epoxy based paint (not oil like your off-the-shelf Krylon or whatever). I am also doing a step where I oven cure everything after I finish painting ...
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How do you get spray paint drips off wooden desk [duplicate]

I decided to spray paint my desk matte black and glossy red. I spray painted the top and it was fine but I sprayed the sides and I got drips. I woke up the next morning to find the drips dry and I don'...
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What kind of paint do I need to paint rubber?

Is there any type of easy-to-apply paint (spray paint, ideally) that would work well for: rubber surface relatively rugged (Context: I need to paint hockey pucks) I know you can get Krylon and the ...
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