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Bottom side of a PCB burned, but no packages damaged [closed]

My washing machine stopped to work - the drum does not rotate anymore. After inspecting its electronic boards I found this: It seems there was a major electric arc on the bottom side of the PCB, and ...
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Why is the main breaker sparking in off position?

The power in several rooms has randomly gone out then comes back on seconds later. We consulted with an electrician that told us to replace the whole panel but we can’t afford $5000 to do that right ...
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Crackling noise in outlet and outlets in bedrooms not working

I had an issue where all the wall outlets in the upstairs bedrooms stopped working. To fix this, we unplugged a heater on one of the outlets. After we plugged it back in, all the outlets started ...
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Why is my gas oven popping and sparking? [closed]

Last night, I started my home's Jenn-air gas stove/oven as normal, got the usual clicking and sparking but upon ignition, I heard a rather loud pop, saw sparks coming from behind the stove (I think, ...
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A spark while installing a smoke alarm

Short story: the black wire sparked when installing a hardwired smoke detector as I had left the power on. After properly turning off the power, I completed the installation and now everything works ...
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Paint on stranded copper wire twisted together with a wire nut -- dangerous?

Putting new light fixtures into an old house. Wires are stranded copper with a little paint on some of the stranded copper part. Normally I'd cut it off and expose a little more wire, out of an ...
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