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Repair a pinhole leak in tankless water heater

Its been a hard winter on plumbing, and I had some freezing pipes when I lost power for a few days and it was in the teens. The water was shut off but didn't drain the pipes. I had a pipe burst and ...
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What fittings are needed to replace saddle valve with 1/4" compression valve on 3/4" copper line?

I have a 3/4" copper line with with a saddle valve, and I want to do a solid once-only job with sweated fittings - so 3/4" line with a T off-take with a 1/4" ball valve with compression-...
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soldered a bunch of joints and they worked!!? so, when are they going to fail? [closed]

Weird question I guess, but I’m second guessing my handiwork. I’m a DIYer, watched a bunch of youtube. For two separate projects I soldered 16 joints and 6 joints. (1/2” and 3/4” copper) For both when ...
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Copper sweating to heat pump

Yesterday I got a brand new heat pump. Long story short, it was messy at best. In particular, the copper sweating attached to the condenser unit seems problematic in a couple of ways. First, copper ...
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Can I still use this old (15yrs) flux and solder?

I few days ago I cut and cap a copper pipe to start repairing an underground water leak in my garage. I noticed that the flux looked rather orange and when I solder a pipe the solder didn't flow very ...
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Soldering or brazing copper pipes

At a local workshop we have a portable and old heating device where the heat generator's housing reaches around 180°C during operation. The original external aluminum radiator with a fan attached to ...
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Sweat or threaded connections for shut-off valves

I'm in need of installing a shut-off valve for my hose bib (sillcock), specifically a ball valve. But I was wondering if a threaded connection was better than a sweat in terms of effectiveness and ...
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How to remove or de-solder old flashing

I'd like to remove some old copper flashing to repair the rotting wood beneath it. My plan was to de-solder the old flashing joint (I'd like to reuse the flashing when done). So I bought a used ...
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Water shut off to solder on an adapter?

I need to put an adapter onto a ball valve at the end of a supply line. Do I need to shut the water off to the whole line?
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High Temperature Lead-Free Solder

I have an old microwave/convection oven that came with 2 metal circular trays for cooking on (in convection mode), a tall one and a shorter one that fits underneath it. However, a long time ago, one ...
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Using salt to reseal a solder joint?

I just had an inspection for a hot water heater that we recently had installed, and while the installation passed, the inspector noted a leak at one of the copper joints in the hot water pipe. She ...
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Can I solder galvanized steel to stainless steel?

I have several stainless steel plates and I want to solder galvanized steel tubes to these plates. Is this possible? I ask because I have a guy that does all my soldering work, but he generally ...
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How to remove a cast iron pipe plug that has been soldered with lead

I'm adding a utility sink in my basement. I'd like to drain it into a cast iron pipe junction, but I'm having trouble removing the old plug. It appears to have been sealed with lead solder. I'm ...
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What happens if you sweat pipe copper pipe without flux?

I may have forgotten to use soldering flux paste when I replaced a water valve on 1/2" copper tubing. It was in a tight place and sweating pipe is not something I do often. Some of the joints I ...
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