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Can water heaters receive hot water through the inlet pipe without malfunctioning?

I'm using solar powered water heater panels now, and I want to reuse my old gas heated water tank, as just a reservoir for accumulating hot water from solar without gas powering it (disconnected from ...
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How do you install a solar light tube through an outside wall into the basement?

In renovating a basement, is it possible to install a solar-light-tube through the wall to the outside and still gather light?
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When is the best time to install solar tubes in relation to a new roof?

My roof will need to be replaced next year, perhaps a complete tear-off. I'm also considering installing one or more solar tubes. I'm thinking it would be wise to wait for a new roof before installing ...
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Should a light tunnel be positioned facing east or west?

I want to install a light tunnel to increase the light in my kitchen. Above this room there is a roof with one side facing east and the other side facing west. Would I get more light from a light ...
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What kind of skylight would allow the most light and heat into my home?

I live in Canada. I want to bring in more light as well as heat into the living space. I have a standard 8' ceiling. Are there any products that will allow the heat from the sun into the house as well ...
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Using a solar system with a condensing boiler for the central heating instead of tap-water?

According to the manual of my AWB ThermoMaster 2HR 28.02WT Condensing boiler, it is compatible with a pre-heating solar system for tap-water only. It even has extra facilities to ensure that the ...
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DIY pool heater - best methods? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I efficiently heat a pool? I have an in-ground pool at around 20,000 gallons and I live in the northeast (Maine). My pool gets direct sunlight for about half the day. ...
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Can I replace Velux flexible tubes with rigid after installation?

My roofer has just installed three Velux sun tunnels. One will have a rigid tube, once the parts are delivered (it was broken in the box). The other two are flexible and I have pulled the tubing as ...
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What are the pros and cons of solatube vs velux solar tubes?

I want to install a solar tube to bring light to a room with no windows. There are sadly no standards to be able to compare products in the market. I would expect a "lumens" spec that lets you ...
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