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What's the best soil for filling around the building walls?

The ground is made of clay so we excavated and did the back filling with river sand and we have laid the excavated clay around the building walls. But I'm noticing that rain water that runs off from ...
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How thick does the impermeable layer need to be when grading a yard?

I'm grading my yard and have found a deep layer of sand (at least 2 ft) extending out about 10ft. Perhaps the sub base for a patio? I understand I need an impermeable layer to ensure rain runs away ...
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How will a rutted farm road get worse if it is not repaired?

On a vacant lot in the northeast US, used for haying in the past, myself and a few other people started different farming projects on it. It is very wet and had an especially wet year in the past. ...
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Slope has gobbled up the retaining walls

A few tiered retaining walls were built on a slope on my property about 70 years ago. By now they have been completely consumed by the slope as you can see on the picture below where, in the white ...
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In-ground base foundation

Do not know if I’m under engineered. 4 feet in depth, individual 3000lb block to form walls (seating area), on geogrid between 6” of 1 1/2 angular stone, and on top of blackland prairie soil.. I have ...
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Using tarpaulin to stop soil absorbing to rain, trying to prevent foundation damage

There is a forecast for several inches of rain between Thursday and Sunday here. I am in an old brick home with a sandstone block foundation. The soils are clay in this area. There is a rather large ...
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