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Replacing an old recessed soap holder when new parts require a larger hole

How can I replace a (very old) recessed soap holder when the hole dimensions are too small for modern ones? The old one is very similar to the image shown below, but it fit in a wall cutout of 4.25&...
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2 answers

I replaced our burnt-out dishwasher detergent dispenser with a new unit, yet the dispenser door still won't open during the wash cycle. What's wrong?

The detergent dispenser in our KitchenAid dishwasher was broken. I removed the door's cover and saw that the plastic drum piece that controls both the detergent release door and the rinse aid ...
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How do I remove a stuck sink soap dispenser?

I have a Blanco 440045 Alta soap dispenser that is broken. I want to remove it from my sink. Unfortunately the piece highlighted in the image is stuck due to years of moisture and cannot easily be ...
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Samsung dishwasher dispenser doesn't open until partway through rinse cycle

We have a Samsung DMR57LFB dishwasher that is about 6 years old. The past two weeks or so we noticed a new problem -- soap on the glasses after the dishwasher was finished. So I watched during the 2 ...
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How to increase the size of an existing metal hole in kitchen sink

I want to install a sink soap dispenser but the existing hole in my sink is too small. From what I've found the universal diameter of the threaded piece that inserts into the hols is 1 inch. My hols ...
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Does this kitchen faucet fit with this sink?

I bought a kitchen sink and kitchen faucet. (Links are in a text file at this location because I'm not allowed to post more than 2 links.)
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How do I stop a countertop soap dispenser from leaking?

I have a countertop soap dispenser. It is a Blanco 911-375 Alta Soap/Lotion Dispenser, Satin Nickel Finish filled with Seventh Generation brand dish soap. For the high-end-quality brand name, it ...
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