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How can I expedite snow melt on a roof? [closed]

There's snow on a section of my roof over an attic. It's cold outside so that snow isn't melting. But I'd like to have a roof repair done. The roofer cannot begin while there is snow on the roof. I am ...
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Do I need a pulley extractor to replace the small drive belt (225-5M) for SnowJoe SJ625E?

First let me say that I called the SnowJoe technical support and they could not help. I am trying to replace the belt that goes around the pulley marked with a red arrow in the below diagram (from ...
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How do you make outdoor wooden stairs less slippery in winter?

Outdoors, I have some wooden stairs leading up to my front door. The wooden stairs are covered in high-gloss wood preservative. In winter, snow and ice are deposited onto the stair-steps. The bottoms ...
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How do I prevent the bolts in my snow blower rotor from breaking?

We got about 12" of snow today and my snow blower lasted only 30 minutes before shearing off one of the 1/4" bolts that holds the rotary blade in place. This is the second time this has ...
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Should I clear up a small space with snow against a window?

I have about a 10cm wide gap between my Tempo and my house. And, with the winter snow, that space has filled with snow. Now, should I go and clear that space of the snow (because it could damage the ...
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Snow through ridge vent caused wet ceilings and wall. Rip out and replace or let dry on its own?

We had snow get through a ridge vent during a recent winter storm (Texas, so ridge vents either installed incorrectly or not the kind that can handle snow I guess). After noticing dripping from an AC ...
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To rake or not to rake snow off of roof

First time owning a house with a roof that can be raked, It is a shingled roof. The question is - Should I be doing it? We live in Northeast (it's snowing as we speak) and icicles do form on the roof ...
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Snowblower blades hitting sides

One side of my snow-blower got caught in a rope and snapped both shear pins (for that side). I found two spare pins that came with it and installed them. But when I turned the machine back on the ...
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Snowblower auger spins easily and does not turn impeller

I live in the northeastern US which just got pummeled with 3+ feet of snow. I was out snowblowing all morning using my Cub Cadet and it did a great job. However when I turned it off and started gently ...
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Put down gravel before or after winter snow?

I am putting down gravel as a drive at a lakefront cabin in Upper Michigan. The soil is sandy and I do not need a formal driveway, just a drive path. With lots of snow coming in winter, is it better ...
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2-stroke snow blower only starting/running with NON-mix fuel?

I was given a Toro snowblower with not much information from the original owner except a vague "the wrong fuel was put in it so I was told it was ruined" explanation. The cap on the fuel tank says it'...
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ISSUE: Snowblower pushes snow (forward) rather than throwing snow out of the chute

I have an old Craftsman 3/21 snow-blower (Model: 536.884581). The snow-blower starts perfectly, motor runs perfectly and the auger spins when the drive is engaged. When I use it to blow snow, it “...
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What's the purpose of the throttle and the gears on a snow blower?

I know they make it run and move faster....but mine cruises pretty fast in 1st gear, I can't ever imagine having to use 4th gear. Should it be in 4th gear for higher and more snow so it will shoot it ...
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Roof eave missing knee brace - how to mitigate problems as snow season approaches?

Photos at the end of the post. On an old house (new to me and my partner) there are ~2' eaves extending all around the house, supported by knee braces made of 6"x6" beams and a few 2"x4"s. Inspecting ...
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Oil Viscosity in Snowblower

Got a brand new snowblower. The manufacturer calls for 5w-30 oil but I do not have and can't get to the store before I need to use it. I have 10w-30 full synthetic and I have 5w-20 conventional. ...
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Using Porcelain tile on a concrete pad outside

I have a small(ish) - about 12ft x 12ft concrete pad on the back of the house covered by the house's roof with 2 walls exposed. The concrete pad appears to be solid - no major cracks, flat and level. ...
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Should one apply salt/antifreeze on the road right before it snows?

Or should one apply the salt/antifreeze after shoveling up the snow?
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What to do when snow blocks house door?

My house's door open outwards and overnight the snow has accumulated outside (to half the door height) and prevented the door from being opened. What to do in this situation if we want to open the ...
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How to protect foundation, sill, and siding from moisture (snow)

I have an old house with a stone foundation and ~6x6 sill plate. The deck used to butt right up to the siding. I cut the deck away about 18" in order to get access to the area for some weatherization.....
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