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A smart switch includes electronic circuitry for remote control (beyond simple three-way switch wiring), smartphone or internet-based control, advanced timing capability or other features not found in traditional switches. Smart switches may require more (e.g., neutral) or fewer (e.g., signal 3-way with one wire instead of two) wires than traditional switches.

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How can I install this programmable switch where a neutral is not present?

I'm trying install this programmable switch but the instructions do not match reality. The instructions refer to the existence of a black (load) cable and a white (neutral) cable supposedly coming out ...
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Can a 14 AWG pigtail be used with a smart switch with a 20 amp breaker?

There are several previous questions that have been asked on this topic but they're all related to receptacles. I'm seeing that it is against code to use 14 AWG on a 20 amp circuit but when it comes ...
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add neutral wire to existing "bundle" for smart switch - need help understanding box

Attached is a markup picture to help identify wiring. This is in the USA. There are wires that come in from the bottom left of the box and from the top right of the box. I'm just a DIYer, and I'm ...
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Why is a neutral wire needed for a smart switch, and how can I provide one?

I plan to install a Smart Switch to control an outside outlet. The existing electrical box is in my detached garage and it does not have a neutral wire. The box currently only controls a single GFCI ...
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Can I steal a neutral from another fixture on the same circuit?

I have a gang of 4 switch box, 3 switches are on the same circuit. There is no neutral or ground and it is knob and tube wiring, so I don't want to fix this (from what I've seen, the rubber/cloth ...
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Black and White Wires on Switch but No Neutral?

I was going to install a Kasa smart switch, which requires a neutral. When I opened up this box, which contains 2 switches that control 2 separate lights outside (porch and walkway), I noticed black ...
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Should a smart switch (that requires a neutral wire) cause my non-contact voltage tester to beep?

I installed 3 smart switches which are all on the same circuit in my house. I have never changed a light switch before, but I followed the directions very closely and watched a couple of Youtube ...
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Wiring a 3 Pole Meross Light Switch

I've got a three-pole light switch that I would like to get wired up in my house, and after opening the panels it appears that the wiring is nontraditional: The Fixture: Ceiling Fan with light ...
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Is this light-switch wiring safe and up to code? Kasa wifi switch next to 3-way rocker switch

My house was built in 1979. Today I replaced these 2 lights switches. The left switch was a simple switch. The right one was a 3-way switch (i.e. there is another switch that also controls the same ...
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Changing a 3 gang Australian light switch to a Smart switch

I am wanting to change the older style Australian 3 gang light switch with a new ‘Smart’ wifi 3 gang switch. I just need some help in getting the wiring in the right place. I have included pictures ...
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