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Is this light-switch wiring safe and up to code? Kasa wifi switch next to 3-way rocker switch

My house was built in 1979. Today I replaced these 2 lights switches. The left switch was a simple switch. The right one was a 3-way switch (i.e. there is another switch that also controls the same ...
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Y wire on thermostat connected to C on furnace

I have a very similar problem to the question Why is Thermostat Y wire connected to C terminal on furnace? . The big difference is that I dont have an "extra wire" to use. Only 4 wires go to ...
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Can I use a Honeywell Cwire adapter on a 2-Stage Condensing Furnace?

I'm currently trying to add a Amazon smart thermostat to my Trane UH2B060A9V3VA furnace. When I had my AC service earlier in the year I mentioned the project to my heating and cooling guy and though I ...
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Govee - Automation Feature. Sunrise/Sunset - home city

Anyone used the Govee Automation feature for turning off lights at sunrise and turning on at sunset? When I try to set it up it asks me for my current city, problem is, I will be in a different ...
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