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Is 3-way switching circuitry compatible with smart ceiling fans?

I'm gathering from research that generally smart fan control switches are single pole only. We have wiring for a 3-way switched fan/light fixture. Do 3-way smart fan switches exist? Do intrinsically ...
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Installing a thermostat with 3 wires only (red/R, white/W, and black/G)

I want to connect an Ecobee to my house, under the constraints imposed at the thermostat (pictured below); you will immediately note that there is no yellow/Y wire (because there is no air-...
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Is this light-switch wiring safe and up to code? Kasa wifi switch next to 3-way rocker switch

My house was built in 1979. Today I replaced these 2 lights switches. The left switch was a simple switch. The right one was a 3-way switch (i.e. there is another switch that also controls the same ...
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Confusing light switch - two blacks and a red, but with white and green wires?

new here. Last night, I checked out this light switch and noticed the presence of what I thought was a neutral wire. Seeing this, I ordered a smart switch to install. Coming back now though, I'm ...
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Can I connect two Line (hot) wires in a single phase circuit safely?

I have a smart light bulb that needs constant power connected in order to be controlled via my smart home. However, I want my guests to be able to control the light via a switch as well. I bought a ...
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Is there a way to run my furnace fan intermittently without heating the house more? [closed]

We just moved into our first house in September and it's old but surprisingly well insulated. We don't like it overly warm either so in the winter the thermostat is often set to 18°C/64.4°f The ...
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Installing smart thermostat but can’t fish new wire

Forgive my lack of knowledge here. I bought my husband an Amazon smart thermostat awhile back so that it would go with all of our other Alexa smart home stuff. We hooked it up where the previous (...
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Wiring color / gauge for pigtails at the junction box

Hi I need to bundle my neutral wires as well as ground wires with the addition of short pigtail/jumper wires The 4-gang all run on the same circuit A17B as shown in my photo. Questions for the short ...
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Fire / smoke detectors with email notifications [closed]

Are there any fire / smoke detectors that can send an email notification when activated? I don't want mobile phone notifications, only email. It's not important if it meets any fire safety regulations ...
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Where to connect a common wire to a Burnham alpine Furnace

Like many on this site I am trying to install a smart thermostat. I have 3 wires, 24V Red, white, and blue at the thermostat, but only 2 down at the boiler. My boiler is a Burnham Alpine model number ...
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Govee - Automation Feature. Sunrise/Sunset - home city

Anyone used the Govee Automation feature for turning off lights at sunrise and turning on at sunset? When I try to set it up it asks me for my current city, problem is, I will be in a different ...
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Replacing an existing 2-wire doorbell transformer with a 3-wire transformer

My newly installed Ring Doorbell Pro 2 wasn't functioning properly due to low voltage and Ring sent me a new transformer (specific product here here). When I went to remove the doorbell chime from the ...
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Y wire on thermostat connected to C on furnace

I have a very similar problem to the question Why is Thermostat Y wire connected to C terminal on furnace? . The big difference is that I dont have an "extra wire" to use. Only 4 wires go to ...
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Best way to control many lights with a single switch

My living room is 70 feet long and almost 40 feet wide at the widest point. (Yes, I realize this is a lot of space.) In the ceiling there are 50 can-style light fixtures, each of which currently has a ...
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How to Fix my DIY Smart Switch Install

I've been installing smart switches and mostly seems like working fine. This one location though, seemed okay at first but after a power outage the breaker tripped unless I removed the right switch (...
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What features or terminology do I need to look for in selecting a suitable climate control solution

Background: We have a heat pump driven central heating system with four zones. Currently, the system operates as follows: The heatpump heats a deposit of water Water pumps, 4 in total, connected to ...
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Ecobee SmartThermostat - Blue connected to W at furnace, what to do?

Trying to install my new ecobee SmartThermostat. Furnace is a Trane heat pump, 20 years old from when the house was built. When I looked at the existing thermostat, it has RGWY. So I thought I needed ...
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Can I use a Honeywell Cwire adapter on a 2-Stage Condensing Furnace?

I'm currently trying to add a Amazon smart thermostat to my Trane UH2B060A9V3VA furnace. When I had my AC service earlier in the year I mentioned the project to my heating and cooling guy and though I ...
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Shelly2 Dimmer in 3-way 4-way circuit [closed]

My first posting here. I am trying to add a Shelley2 dimmer in a 3-way or a 4-way switch to add dimming and smart switch capability because I do not have a neutral wire inside the box so I chose ...
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2-pole wifi circuit breaker? [closed]

I'd like to be able to remotely trip some of the 2-pole circuit breakers in a remote condo that I have. Some of them are 20-amp breakers, two poles. Is there such a solution? To be able to connect ...
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Smart/Wi-Fi septic alarm monitors? [closed]

I'm looking for the way to be alerted remotely when I get a septic pump alarm in my summer house. The septic pump is a traditional one, with a buzzer that goes off when the float gets too high and ...
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Is it possible to have a smart switch control a wired switch

I have an older house, where running the new wires I need is challenging. I have a light that is on a switch at the top of the stairs, and I would like to add a switch at the bottom of the stairs also....
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Robust Home Automation without reliable internet [closed]

Currently I have a Aqara home hub with temperature sensors and TP Link Kasa smart plugs which I am using to control heating and lights. I currently use IFTTT, but it's not expressive enough for my ...
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No voltage on old thermostat wiring

I'm trying to add an amazon smart thermostat. I don't have a C wire, but there is a spare black wire behind the thermostat. I put my multimeter on 200 VAC and expected to see 24 VAC on the red wire. I'...
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