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Studs not flush with bottom or top plates. How big of a deal is this?

See photo. A few of my studs hang over my top/bottom plates by about 1/16th of an inch. Will this be a problem when I go to drywall? Should I glue some drywall shims to those deeper areas before ...
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A tree has lifted a corner of my garage and about 1/6th of it is just floating. What are my options to stabilize this area?

I've noticed water leaking in the corner of my garage for a while and was planning on building a drain alongside it to pull the water away from it. There is also a tree that has lifted the surrounding ...
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water under sill plate, rotting sheathing

I have a detached garage of unknown age - the house is from 1935, so probably around then or newer. The garage is built directly on the slab with no curb wall. On one side of the garage, the slab is ...
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How to fix a door with a displaced sill?

Someone used a pry bar to remove the lower trim of my front door, and accidentally pushed one side of the sill towards the house by inches, but the other side seems okay. The door is now very ...
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gap between the bottom of the window and wood window sill

some of my windows have this gap but others not (caulked). Some on youtube state that all sides except bottom needs to be caulked- to allow any water to escape. That makes sense but still not sure ...
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Bottom plate needs replaced of this load bearing wall?

Should I replace this bottom plate? This is load bearing wall. Want to know from all of your experienced people out there. There was a leak that has been fixed. The other side of this wall is my ...
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Cutting/drilling sole plate on load bearing wall

I’m starting to remodel my bathroom. It’s the only one in the house and it’s very small. 5’x6’ so to help save room I bought a concealed tank toilet. I didn’t do my home work and thought the tank ran ...
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Ideal way to brace a gable end wall for sill replacement

I may have to replace a rotted sill plate in a small single-story + basement house. The house has a gable roof with rafters. The rotted sill is under the front gable wall, and rests on a concrete ...
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