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2 votes
2 answers

How do I paint over unpaintable silicone?

So I stupidly used unpaintable silicone to seal my bedroom window... On the inside. How can I paint over this unpaintable silicone? (GE brand).
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1 answer

What caulk to use for basement leaks at cove joint where floor meets the wall? Polyurethane, silicone, or latex-based Drylok?

I noticed a small moist patch of the floor near a radon mitigation system. However, I suspect that it has little to do with the radon system but was due to failed caulking at the cove joint, as there ...
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17 votes
10 answers

How to ensure silicone gun products last as long as possible

Over time I have used many products that require a gun. The issue I have is I do not use these often. Meaning I will buy some silicone, apply to the silicone to an area in my bathroom and then return ...
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How Can I re-attach my bathroom fixtures which are hanging loose from the wall?

Please see the two pictures below. I'm trying to re-attach the two faucets so that there is no gap between them and the wall. These faucets work perfectly fine its just that they aren't attached to ...
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How do I install steel dowels into the side walls of my brick bbq?

This is a follow up this question: How can I rig a raising/lowering mechanism to my grill? I get the sense that trying to make a fancy mechanism will be too much trouble, so I will go with steel ...
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