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6 answers

Is my plan to safely remove asbestos siding sound?

After reading a some other questions I haven't found an answer similar enough for what I'm thinking about doing. So here goes. Full disclosure up front. Before I even touch a single siding shingle, ...
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2 answers

What's this layer in between OSB sheathing and house wrap?

My house is in Northern California and was built within the last 15 years. I'm pretty sure I still have the original siding, which is hardboard (a.k.a. engineered wood). I've read that house exterior ...
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3 answers

What is the correct way to seal/flash coolant lines through siding?

Our contractor installed an AC compressor and did a poor job of it. He ran the AC coolant lines through the middle of the wall and then just squirted some expanding foam into the hole, like so: (Click ...
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How can I install a frost-free outdoor faucet with very little space?

On one side of my house, the previous owner frequently forgot to shut off the outdoor water during the winter. Given that my house is in Minnesota, it gets cold during the winter, and he had to ...
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Is there a quick, non-intrusive way to see what's under vinyl siding?

Currently house-hunting, and one of the very cheap, in-need-of-work houses I've looked at has the unusual feature of a foundation-to-ceiling limestone wall inside, on one of the outer walls of the ...
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How can I install r-max insulation on the interior side of a cinderblock wall?

I am planning on insulating the lower level of my house with R-Max in a method similar to this: I have a few question about it though: Can I use something other than Treated wood as this is going ...
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2 answers

Mounting an electrical box on wooden siding

I would like to install lights on the outside of my garage, which has wooden siding with wood about 3/4" thick. Getting power to the location is not a problem (the interior is unfinished and ...
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2 answers

What's the best way to get grade below foundation wall?

We just discovered that the cause of some water staining on the internal sill-plates on top of the basement foundation wall are due to the outside grade sitting ~2 inches above the foundation wall!! ...
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3 answers

How to install a house number plaque on vinyl siding?

I need to install house numbers on my house. I have obtained an aluminium plaque with the numbers and I'm now wondering the best way to install it onto the house. The house has vinyl siding, and ...
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Garage belly board needs fixing

My garage was built quite a while ago, and the belly boards need some fixing. They are either seeping moisture into the garage or leaking from cracks. I'm wondering if people think I should replace ...
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3 answers

Removal Asbestos Siding or Cover

Looking at a house that appears to have asbestos cement siding. I'm wondering if this is something I can do myself with care. I've read the following. Disturb as little as possible. Don't Crack tiles ...
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How do I install flashing about an existing window?

I have two windows on one side of my house, with one directly above the other as pictured below. During rain storms, water rolls directly off the top one on to the bottom one. Water gets into the ...
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