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A shutoff is a valve used to turn plumbing on or off at the place you use it (like a sink). Use with the [plumbing] tag

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How do I find the water main entry point to my house?

My house has no apparent main water line shut off valve. Usually one would find a shut off valve right near where the water main entered the house structure. At my current house I have never been able ...
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How do I fix a shutoff valve that isn't opening?

My dishwasher started leaking over the weekend. I turned off the water at the shutoff in the basement, it's a standard faucet type in the copper piping. I then replaced the rubber heater hose used ...
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1/4" Reverse Osmosis Filter inlet line to undersink cold water line

I am trying to connect an under counter Reverse Osmosis ( R.O. ) filter inlet line (red 1/4" tubing) to the cold water supply line (3/8" black tubing in picture) under my kitchen sink. Can anyone ...
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What does this shutoff switch in a 100 year old house control? Located in plaster wall near top of basment steps

This shutoff switch, near the top of the basement steps in an old home confounds us.
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Sink Angle Valve: Fully Open or closed Tiny Bit

I have a bathroom sink with angled faucet shutoff valves (they are around quarter turns). I closed them for repairs yesterday. After repairs, (1) should I leave the valves Fully Open, (2) or "Open ...
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