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Can you wet shim above a tub?

Is it possible to wet shim around a newly installed tub to bring all the walls plum and flat before tiling? Using a foam waterproof backer board and want to make sure that I’m laying tile the correct ...
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In a new, well built house, what is a typical amount to plan to shim cabinets?

Do you normally end up shimming 1/4" or less? Or can even a well built house end up as high as 5/8" or 3/4" over 15 feet? I just don't have a sense of what is "typical" to ...
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How should I fix sag in joists and floorboards?

I have a very unlevel floor upstairs in an old house (probably > 100 years). As far as I can tell, some of the joists were pushed down by the weight of a brick wall between the landing and a ...
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How to get a "wide" shim instead of a long shim

So I have a long gap between a joist and floorboards on one half of 6 foot joist that I'd like to close. I'm toying with the idea of just adding shims to the top of the joist rather than lifting up ...
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Appropriate slack for door jambs

Generally speaking, what's an appropriate gap to leave between the door jamb and the stud? In my particular situation, neither wall is plumb. On the left, I adjusted for it with some padding that you ...
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Shim under alcove acrylic tub front lip edge after set in morter bed

So I set and level my tub in a morter bed and attached the flange to the studs. At the bottom one third or so of the front flange is not touching but the tub feels solidly in place without noticeable ...
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1/4" joist difference

I recently bought 2x8 to beef up some floor joists before framing in my basement. I noticed the wood that came in measures at 7.25" where as my existing floor joists are 7.5". I am curious ...
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Why are "horseshoe" shims shaped the way they are?

Here's an example of the type of shim I'm referring to: They are sold marketed for various uses - tile spacers, leveling window or door frames, etc. They are non-tapered. Its not clear to me why ...
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Had to shim my double top plate -- how should I secure the trusses?

I am building a new detached garage, and one corner of the footing was about 1.5" low. To address this, I installed shims between the two top plates, as shown below. The size of the shim increases ...
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How thick of shims can I use to bring new wood floor up to tile height?

I am going to be installing hardwood flooring (Oak) on place of carpet. The wood will mate up with a schluter (sp?) strip with tile on other side. After I remove the carpeting I see they have shims ...
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Walls out of square, how to align base cabinet?

Hello all. In the process of remodeling a kitchen, and the corner where this standalone base cabinet is going is quite out of square, to the tune of about 1/2" gap at each end of the cabinet. Next to ...
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How do you shim the frame of a sliding patio door from one side only (from outside)

The previous owner remodeled the kitchen and he put drywall from inside over the sides of the door and then he painted. I just replaced the door and now I have to align it, level it plumb it and ...
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