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Shim to fix over-trimmed door

I had a handyman come by and trim a few of my interior doors because they were sticking from expansion from the humidity. It turns out, one of the door jams is uneven, so now there is a bigger gap on ...
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How to get a "wide" shim instead of a long shim

So I have a long gap between a joist and floorboards on one half of 6 foot joist that I'd like to close. I'm toying with the idea of just adding shims to the top of the joist rather than lifting up ...
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Cedar shims disappeared because of COVID-19

I've been hunting for contractor quality cedar shims - the super-wide kind that easily break along the grain. The big box stores don't have them and neither do the local lumber yards. At one of them I ...
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12' sliding door frame shimmed up against header and sagging at point where shimmed

I have a sliding door with glass panels on each side, spanning a width of 12 feet. The door has been sagging in the middle. It slides easily at the edge (when open), but drags near the center. I tore ...
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Code compliance of using UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) shims for deck leveling

I'm building a deck that will partially sit on an existing concrete slab. Slab is slated and I need to level the joists with shims. I'm planning to use custom cut UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight ...
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Why are "horseshoe" shims shaped the way they are?

Here's an example of the type of shim I'm referring to: They are sold marketed for various uses - tile spacers, leveling window or door frames, etc. They are non-tapered. Its not clear to me why ...
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How should I accommodate thinner replacement deck boards?

I have a deck on the house that is currently nominal 2x4 of various species. (the previous owners had no taste). I want to replace the surface with Ipe wood. It comes as nominal 5/4 x 6 which is a ...
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