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What is the ideal method of supporting a 27" deep floating desk across 10 feet of wall?

I'm building a floating U shaped desk in my office that will go from wall to wall. This desk will need to support the monitors and accessories of two desktop computers. The towers will be on shelves ...
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20 votes
4 answers

How much weight can you mount to a wall?

I would like to mount a fairly heavy shelving unit (~150lbs) to a wall with a number of L-brackets. It being a shelving unit, I would be putting all kinds of books and random stuff on it, thus ...
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How to "float" a large desk (3000mm x 720mm x 40mm) between walls

I am setting up a home office at the moment in a 3m wide room and like the idea of having a desk "float" from one side of the room to the other. I am basing on this guide. For my desk I'm going to ...
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How can I hang a shelf with no visible fasteners?

I just built a shelf for a bedroom based on instructions found at Happy at Home. Problem is: the blog doesn't explain how to hang it! Can someone help me figure out a clean way to hang this shelf ...
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30 votes
14 answers

What are cheap ways to build strong shelves with a large span?

I have removed several old and moisture damaged built in storage units from my house. I would like to replace them with shelving. There are a number of different sized gaps (width and depth to fill). ...
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13 votes
3 answers

At a 6' span, how much can an SPF 2x4 turned on 3.5" end support?

The ends are secured, so how much load can a 6' span of SPF 2x4 support when turned on 3.5"?
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11 votes
5 answers

Reinforcing a shelf supported only by pins

Our liquor cabinet has the usual row of holes drilled on either side for height-adjustable shelves, with typical shelf pins: I think the wood is MDF + veneer. It might be plywood. It's not holding ...
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How do I drill additional holes for adjustable-height shelving?

I have a set of cupboards with shelves that adjust in height, by means of moving pins that hold up the shelves to different holes: Unfortunately, for some reason, whoever made the cupboards didn't ...
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What are the proper materials and method to hang heavy-duty shelves in a garage for storage?

I am hoping this isn't too wide of a topic since garage storage can vary greatly from person to person depending on what's being stored. In my case, I will be storing power tools like my circular saw,...
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2 answers

Keeping a Threaded Pipe at 90 degrees

I recently demo'd a bathroom that was using a "rustic farmhouse" galvanized shelving unit. I took this unit off and was hoping to re-install. Ideally, the elbows would thread in so when they are ...
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6 answers

How to remove a shelf fastener with a round head and no slot

I have some shelving in my closet and it's screwed into the wall with fasteners that look like this (see image). It's a smooth circle and doesn't have any type of hole of slot on top. Is this a screw? ...
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1 answer

How do I build shelves on non-square (>90 degrees) walls?

I want to build shelves into an alcove, but the corners are not square. What is the best approach to this?
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9 votes
6 answers

How do I know whether a bookcase will rack/sag/twist if hung using butt hinges as a (non-secret) "door"?

I want to take a bookcase and install it as a door, to hold near 100kg max of heavy food items (but probably less than that most of the time). The bookcase itself is 36kg. The bookcase carcass and ...
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2 answers

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf before or after carpet?

Building a built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in a room in the basement (~7'10" tall). I've read a lot of differing opinions on whether to build the bookshelf first or put the carpet in first. ...
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1 answer

How should I attach the cable of a cable-supported shelf?

I'm planning to build a shelf in the garage, 22" deep and about 16' long. The back edge and one side will be supported by wall cleats, with 2x3s under the other edges. I'd like to support the front ...
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What is the cheapest/easiest way to make bookshelves? [closed]

I own a lot of books, and would love to display them on a bookshelf that covers an entire wall. I love the look of wood, but it is so expensive at the moment. I'm also a bit short of spare time, so I ...
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1 answer

Tips on making classic brick and plywood shelves

Moving into a new apartment in a couple weeks and I'm planning on making the classic brick and plywood shelves to put books and stuff. Any tips for me? Do I have to have it secured to a wall?
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3 answers

Correct orientation for t-shaped shelf bracket to minimize stress on anchor bolts

I have a t-shaped shelf bracket that looks like this: | <- screw hole here | <shelf> |----------- <wall>| | | | <- screw hole here This is a ...
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5 answers

Is there any harm in using shorter shelf brackets with a deeper shelf?

I'm planning on installing Ikea shelves mounted on wall brackets (using the Antonius system). Until recently there were Antonius shelves 14 3/8 inches deep, but now they've disappeared, leaving only ...
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2 answers

Easiest & Best way to make a box shelf

I'm not experienced in DIY beyond being able to paint stuff. However, recently I've been let down by a number of carpenters and I've decided to build myself some box shelves and want to get an idea ...
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2 answers

How can I use toggle bolts for kitchen shelves on 30 mm plasterboard?

I'm trying to use a toggle bolt, but the combined thickness of the plasterboard (~30 mm) and the shelf bracket (22 mm) means that the toggle won't push through far enough to spring out and grip the ...
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3 answers

Shelves into single metal stud. Is it possible?

I have seen many similar questions, but most are around mounting a TV. I'd like to mount some shelves to hold kitchen appliances (air fryer, coffee machine, toaster, etc). 4 shelves in total, 3 with ...
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Name of this shelf support screw with plastic head

This shelf support is a screw with a semi-circular plastic head. Does it have a name? A name that can be used on Google to find this thing. Or the name given by those who produce it. Additional info: ...
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Heavy bookshelves into a dab and dot plasterboard with brick behind it

I'm putting up heavy-duty book shelves up in a very long alcove. My problem is that I've discovered it's a dab and dot (dry lining) plasterboard that covers up old brick, which I've never installed on ...
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Adding a shelf in a laundry closet that can support a 150lb clothes dryer

I'm considering adding a shelf in our laundry closet to hold our 150 pound clothes dryer, as an alternative to the massive hassle (e.g. here and here) of moving a 300+ pound vertical washer+dryer ...
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Is it safe to use drywall anchors for a heavy bookshelf between two studs?

I want to put a bookshelf (heavy load) in a small alcove where I have access to threw studs, two 11" apart (left side) and the other two 28" apart (right side). I would like to mount standards to ...
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